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Panerai created a timepiece that can be described a shamlessly luxurious piece. It is called the Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica Timekeeper. This is a mechanical watch that has two complicated complications. A bi-axial tourbillion, and a realistic three-dimensional moon phase indicator. In addition to the complexity of the mechanical part, the case is decorated with over 8 carats of gems. Panerai's Invisible Diamond Mosaic Setting technique is used to fix the diamonds. This demonstrates the expertise of Panerai in the jewelry field. GyroPanerai has two case options, white and red gold. Each is limited to 20 pieces. There are also two other unique versions in each material that have dials entirely encrusted with gems, bringing the total diamond count to an astonishing 19,4 carats. The watch is so complex and luxurious that it's out of reach for most mortals. Even the least extravagant version costs several thousand dollars while the diamond-only versions are priced in the seven figures.

From Haute Joaillerie and Haute HorlegeriePanerai Diamonds, one of the world's most renowned jewelers is a leader in both. Since a long time, the multinational company based in London has created intricate watches. Panerai launched Haute Horlogerie products in 2008 through its watchmaking department, led by Michel Pitteloud. Panerai Replica Watches has been able to create some of the most impressive and intricate mechanical timepieces through collaboration with high-end movements manufacturers. The new Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica is one of the most impressive examples. The fact that the name of the watch contains the word "Panerai", three times in total, shows that the London-based brand is very dedicated to brand recognition. It does not seem to want anyone to forget its name. According to my knowledge, this new model and other Panerai watches that demonstrate the highest degree of complexity were developed exclusively for the brand, by high-end Genevese movements manufacturer MHC.

A Tourbillon With Two Axes of Rotation Driven by RemontoirNow, let's get back to this watchmaker’s novel piece. Panerai's latest piece is designed to dazzle with its unique combination of high jewelry, high horology and a single package. GyroPanerai's newcomer is equipped with two extremely complex complications in its hand-wound movement: a tri-dimensional moonphase indicator and a biaxial tourbillion. A tourbillion is one of the two features that make the watch unique. It is also not a standard tourbillion but its more demanding version with two axes.

After 60 seconds, the cage has completed a full rotation on both axes. The entire tourbillion cage is also fed by a second power source known as a "remontoire" that supplies the regulating instrument (which oscillates with a rate of 21,600 vph), with constant force. The tourbillion is visible on the dial at the lower-right section between 4 and 5 o'clock.

Hand-Engraved Sphere of the Realistic MoonOn the opposite side,omega de ville replica watches on the lower portion of the face is the second impressive complication. The realistic moon is combined with a black half-sphere to block the correct amount of orb. A master craftsman hand-engraves the moon sphere to accurately represent the mapping of the lunar surface. It also has a small complication, namely a power-reserve display at eleven o'clock that shows the state of the 60-hour power storage. There are two hands for the hour and minute, whose bases are slightly centered upwards. They act as a visual counterweight to all the complicated complications at the lower portion of the face.

Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica

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